We offer home visits to most of the north–east and south-eastern suburbs for any reason e.g. vaccination, blood testing, collapsing big dog, stressful kitty and euthanasia for terminal ill animals.

This is a unique service for our clients and extending to others including: seniors, pregnant ladies, distressed pets, pets too heavy to carry in for any treatment, collapsed pets and when a taxi refuses to pickup etc.

We can do blood testing in your home with our Heska I stat blood analyser. We carry a full pharmacy with us. If we think your pet needs transportation to the clinic for further treatment, estimates are available so you know in advance what to expect. Your invoice is itemised in detail with no hidden or unexplained cost.

Please be a little flexible around your appointment time as it is not always possible to accurately predict traffic and other pet emergencies.

We ask that all cats be confined to a room or carrier at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Cats seem to have a sixth sense about things & will often make themselves absent just when you need them!