We promise to provide top quality veterinary services at low cost, affordable prices. In addition to our low prices, if you have a pensioner’s card, health care card or senior’s card, show this to receive a 10% discount off consults and services only*.

Prices correct at 1st May 2017 and are subject to change.

Consultations Pricing
Consultation (Mon – Sat) $40
Consulation (Sunday) $80
Consultation (After-hours) $95-$120


Special Prices for Vaccinations & Desexing!

Come in on Wednesday or Saturday for our Low Cost Vaccination Clinic!
Please note that in this instance, no further discounts apply.

Vaccination Clinic (Wednesday & Saturday) Pricing
Puppies (c5) & Kittens (f3) $60
Dog (c5)  & Cat (f3) $66
Dog 3 yearly vaccine (c3) $89
Microchip CAR $40

Come in on Tuesday or Friday for our Low Cost Desexing Clinic!

Our special desexing prices are only available on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Desexing Under 6 months Pricing
Kitten Castration $75
Kitten Spey $100
Puppy Castration $130
Puppy Spey $150

Special Dental Thursday’s :

Book in for a dental on Thursday’s to take advantage of our low cost price. Scale and Polish only, extractions additional.

Dental Scaling & Polish Pricing
Cat $250
Dog $250


Orthopaedic Surgery Pricing
Patella Surgery $1000
De’Angelis Knee Surgery $1000

TPLO Fixed Price

Weight of Dog Price (ex GST) Price (inc GST)
Under 20kg $1950 $2145
Under 30kg $2050 $2255
30kg Plus $2150 $2365

*For any repeat surgeries (dog’s that have had their knee operated on) please add $300 ex GST.

Our surgeon has had over 20 years experience and has done over 400 TPLO surgeries and  over 1000 orthopaedic knee surgeries.

Soft Tissue Surgery Pricing
Elective Caesarean $1000
Soft Palate Surgery
with laser
Cherry Eye Surgery $500
Aural Haematoma $500
Perineal Urothrotomy $950
Hind Dew Claw removal $250


Xrays Pricing
3 views $190


Please contact (03) 9762 2555 for further pricing and quotations.

*Due to our already low prices, this discount does not apply to foods, merchandise and consumables.