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TPLO SURGERY AT AMCradio3benson-steele

Our vet has been doing TPLO surgery since 2010 & charge $1850 plus GST. Our vet is lucky enough to have been given training under one of Melbourne’s top Specialty Surgeons and is now offering this surgery to you at a more affordable rate. We are routinely performing TPLO surgery within our practice.


Our practice is equipped with state of the art digital X-rays specially prepared for your pets. It gives you a clear precise image in less that 6 seconds and is still the best tool for imaging bones and internal structures non- invasively.

Going digital is best for your pet because of…

  • Less Stress
  • Quick results
  • Less radiation
  • Better imaging.

INHOUSE LABORATORYinhousepathology

We have a wide range of inhouse diagnostic equipment for quick and easy results from hospital patients and patients visiting for consult.

This means we can perform basic blood works within a consult rather than sending to an external laboratory, enabling us to begin treatment sooner.

CAT BOARDINGcatboarding

Climate controlled cat boarding for all times of the year. Your cat can stay in the comfort of our cattery giving you the piece of mind that there will always be someone around to care for your pet. All cats are catered for with specific medical and dietary needs. please call to make an booking.


Our equipment enables us to examine internal structures such as bone joints, digestive tracts and nasal cavities without the use of surgery.


The laser is a high frequency beam of light that comes out of an instrument that looks like a pen. We use it like a scalpel blade. Soft tissue surgery is 75% less pain-full and is almost bloodless. All spays/neuters, dew claw removal and many other soft tissue surgeries are now done exclusively with laser .
When coupled with post op medication, the Co2 surgical laser can make surgery as pain free as possible. As well as a reduction in pain, swelling, and bleeding, there is a much lower chance of infection, and thus surgical recovery is very fast!


Our very experienced surgeon is able to perform all of the following surgeries for your pet…

  • Routine desexingsphoto
  • Wart and Tumour Removal
  • Hernia Repair (All types)
  • Soft Palate Reduction surgery
  • Bloat
  • Biopsy
  • Ear Canal Removal
  • Foreign Body Retrieval
  • Eyelid Correction
  • Cherry Eye Alteration

& much much more

We also have a strong interest in Orthopedic Surgery…

  • Cruciate Repair
  • Repair of fractured bones and joints
  • Fusion of joints
  • Patella Repair